Solution Services was tasked with the design, fabrication, and installation of manway access platforms for an energy facility.
Initially, these platforms were to be identical, each with two levels connected by a staircase. There was piping and conduit in the area intended for them, but earlier discussions with the client indicated these would be re-routed to accommodate the platforms. The first design was made with this in mind but the client later changed course, stating that the piping would be re-routed, but the conduit would remain in place. The staircase was removed, with each level of the platform now becoming independent. The lower level retained its ladder, while the upper level tied into an existing ladder that was intended to reach higher elevations. Modifications were made to the safety cage surrounding this ladder that matched existing conditions for higher levels.
Though changes needed to be made to the initial design, our ability to remain flexible allowed us to quickly adjust to the client’s needs. The platforms in each location remained identical, which minimized construction time and material costs as well.