Solution Services was asked to design two platforms to allow for access around a motor and filter screen as well as specifying a jib crane to allow for removal of the screen from the filter housing. The customer requested that we try to recycle old platforms that had been removed from another location rather than completely designing new platforms from scratch.
With some modification, it was determined that two of the platforms that the customer had at their facility could be used in place around the filter and motor. HSS was used to create posts to the ground, where a new concrete pad would be poured across the area where work was being performed. One platform connected to an existing platform while the other was a standalone platform that utilizes a recycled ship ladder from another platform.

The jib crane was selected from a manufacturer once the specifications we needed were determined. Discussions with the client indicated that a 1 ½ ton jib crane would be sufficient with a 14ft height to the underside of the boom. Due to space constraints, it was necessary to redesign the manufacturer’s specified concrete foundations. This was done using Brom’s Method to determine the necessary depth with rebar added for additional support.

Consistent and frequent client reviews allowed us to best tailor our design to their needs. Though this led to longer design time as a number of updates and edits were made to the initial proposal, it ultimately led to a design that was best for the client. The tight space constraints and existing obstacles provided some challenges, but a flexible design allowed us to account for these without compromising structural integrity. In the end, two platforms were designed from existing materials with minimal additional steel required to complete the design, and a jib crane sufficient for the intended use was specified with accommodations made to use the crane in the space provided.